early risers

a whimsical trip through wondrous natural environs. breathtaking scenery accompanies firefly campfire ritual incantations as crickets chirp and hazy licks drift in and out of focus. lost radio transmissions play gossamer waltzes. when we fell asleep with the television on, years passed us and even the canyons eroded into nothing.
c30, 2014

von himmel
rock n roll animal/traum esel

descending hieroglyphics implicated by percussion fluctuations and multiphonic undergrowths of upended guitar hero sound diagrams in a prism of vacuous moon secretions; horizons unfold with tingling sparkles on a phosphorescent mossy riverbed in unseen hinterland tombs as our bodies melt with coursing streaks of sublimity in finite journeys vis-a-vis primordial birthdeath interplay. drawings by bart de paepe of sloow tapes.
lp, 2013

von himmel
florid pagoda

a1. spirit edges
a2. shadow locus
b1. florid pagoda
b2. luminous inertia

moon timbres encompassing ancient marrow knowledge and ritual awakenings give way to bongo fury freak-outs and stately sequencer appendages subsumed by organ/guitar effluvium approaching escape velocity.
c34, 2012

black thread
fallen headdress

realized with cassette loop, mxr carbon copy, and mc-202 synth. moments flowing through dissolving channels of buoyant mercurial springs. cut by sean at rah rah in an edition of 15, playable at any speed. paintings by carrie sullivan. single-sided 7" lathe, 2013.


birds you once knew
synth miniatures

tape hiss braindance tribute to roland and sequential circuits gear nostalgia. bedroom actualization of interlocking transistor rhythms, stabbing basslines and floating mod wheel warble.
c30, 2012


esther chlorine

a. world of prophecy - satanism, ritual sacrifices of the n.w.o.
b. mold breath

entropic post-coital papacy ritual, dank pond moss reflections and shrunken head chatter tenderly eviscerate a hallowed ground of cracked earthen thrones. inner miasma of dung beetle lifecycles and botched paganism filtered through a crumbling lattice of luminescent foliage
c90, 2012


muntjac + furly crow

a smeargulated collection acoustic improvs, coast to coast woodland diddling, field recordings, and minimalist experimentation. vibes go from mellow porch jams, to nocturnal and creepy, to just plain weird. birds are burbling, banjos are bonging, beasts are bumbling breathily.
c30, 2010


birds you once knew

bizarre tape collage compost dump. mason jar lids are popping in the dream tunnel. warm goo penetrates the twilight. suddenly pebbles house bean in your moat for a long time. the bubble machine dissassociates in a vacuum. a golem belches. a lazy torrent of trance inducing abstraction.
c31, 2010


vibrating garbage

a.  volcanic swamp crocus
b.  black flower plasma

gurgling electronics, rhythm box and tape collage
c30, 2009

review in 'old and gray' zine no. 1:
page 1 / pages 2 & 3


p. grimes

low harmonic analog synth meditation
c20, 2009


cartoon bros. & friends  

a.  rock creek sludge
b.  potomac dream current

warm and warbling full-bodied drone
c30, 2009


egyptian flies

i.  conduit
ii.  night gas
iii.  jelly
iv.  oil lamp
v.  spongiform   
vi.  fluff   
vii.  erratum
viii.  particle gate   
ix.  valve   

discreet synth ooze
cd-r, 2008


von himmel

i.  lunar meditation
ii.  space mantra
iii.  skylark   

mystery outer space power
cd-r, 2007

musique machine


amoeba sf
harvest records avl

turmeric magnitudes
sloow tapes
diatom bath
a soundesign
life changing ministries
of plants

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